About Us


-2004 Founded to minister to men through counseling, spiritual direction, small groups, and adventure trips
-2007 Began Encounter Humanity which provides food, blankets, school uniforms, and basic humanitarian aid in Lesotho, Africa
-2008 Grew to include ministry to couples, families, and pastors struggling with everyday life and walking with God.
-2009 Began aid to families in need in the Southeast U.S. to help meet everyday needs from groceries to utilities.
-2009 Began work in prisons, now training and taking teams twice a year to lead mentoring/recovery weekends for male inmates. over 300 inmates have been through the program.
-2014 Began partnering with The Campus House to teach and reach college students
-2015 Hired Johnny Lieske as our first Director of College Missions

What do we do?

Whether a pastor is fighting the lonliness that comes with the job, or a couple is working their way to recovery after an affair, or a man doesn't have anyone with whom to share his fears, or a prisoner is facing his past, or our friends in Lesotho are worried about their next meal, or a college students faces a crisis of faith, all of it is poverty. Spiritual, emotional, financial, humanitarian needs are all poverty. We are working to empower all of these people with resources and life. Resources to sustain life, overcome their poverty, and then help others do the same. Hundreds of prionsers Encounter God through the inmate retreats we lead each year. Over 2000 children and innumerable volunteers Encounter God's help in Lesotho each month. And scores of men, pastors, college students and couples Encounter that help each year and have since 2004.